App for

A customized service platform for medical facilities that manages everything
from making appointments to submitting medical insurance claims and transferring e-prescriptions.

Complex procedures,
no more confusion!

Provides step-by-step, customized guidance and real-time,
location-based navigation, recognizing patients’ movement and medical data.

From making
appointments to
getting queue
tickets with just
your smartphone

You can use your smartphone to do things
you normally would have to visit the hospital for,
such as making appointments and getting queue
tickets so you can access hospital services
without waiting.

Mobile payment that
doesn’t make you wait

This service allows you to easily pay your medical expenses through your smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

Immediately submit medical insurance claims
You can bill your insurance company with the mobile app for prescriptions with your receipts as required for the medical insurance claims.

E-prescriptions to
shorten your queuing line
at the pharmacy

You can send electronic prescriptions to pharmacies on your smartphone, and process prescription drug requests and payment without having to visit the pharmacy.

Information security is critical for
sensitive healthcare data

For secure information management, we utilize authentication methods based on biometrics.