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Smart Hospital Healthcare Platform

M-care is an interactive service platform for patients that introduces the entire procedure on a smartphone from making visits to the hospital to getting medications at a pharmacy.

  • Two-way Service – A service that links patients’ locational information and progress of hospitals
  • Easy Payment – An easy payment service that possesses General Hospital’s FinTech Reference
  • Platform – A fundamental solution that guarantees spontaneous expansion and advancement in service

M-care is an IoT-based customized platform created by top technicians and medical experts that introduces varieties of service via High Technology and expedites the process of reservation/registration, reference, payment, and takes care of complicated Actual Expense Insurance Auto-Claim System.


Korea’s first medical FinTech

Korea’s first medical FinTech service that possesses intermediate settlement function for outpatients and inpatients, and a mobile easy payment system that does not require an extra transaction fee

Explore easy medical FinTech

Customized Information Service

Smart guide function that provides customized service for the patient upon arrival to registration-medical treatment-departure depending on the patient’s current path

Explore hospital location-based service

Easy Patient Management Service

A system that easily takes care of entire service in the hospital such as queue ticket, medical treatment status, real-time navigation, parking fee payment

Explore Smart Medical Administration Service

M-Care Plus

A solution that provides various functions by linking with EMR and various Legacy system of the hospital to implement Mobile Smart Work for medical staff and workers.

Explore M-Care Plus

E-prescription forwarding service

A service that provides e-prescription to the patient via M-Care, allows the patient to select pharmacy, directly sends a request for payment and medication after a biometric authentication process

Explore e-prescription forwarding service

Immediate Actual Expense Insurance Auto-Claim Service

A service that maximizes patient’s convenience and hospital’s work efficiency by sending necessary documents for Actual Expense Insurance Auto-Claim to the insurance company via smartphone

Explore Immediate Actual Expense Insurance Auto-Claim Service

Patient with M-Care becomes smarter

Make a visit &


Check your schedule upon arrival and
get a queue ticket from your smartphone.

Waiting for Medical Treatment & Navigation

Automatically appears as “arrived” and
follow the navigation to move to the corresponding department

Examination & Mobile Payment

Get an examination from the department and
easily make a payment via smartphone.

Visit pharmacy &


Forward the e-prescription, make a payment at the pharmacy and
examination result by viewing appointment history.

“M-Care is a platform proven with a patent for hospital guide system,
healthcare management system, online environment-based insurance claim system
Based on a prominent technology, and a grand prize in the New Software Sector
awarded by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.”

Received Grand Prize in New Software Sector , (2017 Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)

A platform 100% customized for the hospital

M-Care provides a customized platform by analyzing the hospital’s website, mobile page, and the difference in EMR system one-by-one.
Not only for the patient, but it also has developed an app for the medical staffs to configure Smart Work among workers and linked with the Legacy system in the hospital to provide various services such as medical treatment, patient management, and Cooperative care


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