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Reduce time and Cost,

higher Efficiency and Quality.


A next generation total management platform for hospitals that is beneficial for both patient and hospital

Hospitals’ Expected Effect

Through automatization/mobile process, exhibit best administrative efficiency with adequate human resource and cost.

  • Enhancement in Concentration, reduction in time and processing costs through face-to-face(registering, making a payment, getting directions)

  • Improvement in medical service by preventing mistake/loss in data due to Manual entry

  • Innovative cost savings by replacing 100 % of unattended storage

  • A rise in hospital’s brand value through convenient and prompt user environment

Patients’ Expected Effect

Automated / mobile hospital use process Get the best administrative efficiency with the right manpower and cost

  • Expedited medical treatment with minimum waiting time

  • Mobile payment without waiting

  • Minimization of waiting time at a pharmacy by forwarding e-prescription and making a mobile payment

  • Able to browse through the medical records, payment history, and medical check-up results at any time, anywhere

  • Easy Actual Expense Insurance Auto-Claim through Immediate Actual Expense Insurance Auto-Claim System