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100% 병원 맞춤형 플랫폼 M-Care!

M-Care는 의료품질 향상 및 병원 경영 효율 향상, 그리고 고객만족도 제고에 꼭 필요한 기능들을 맞춤형으로 제공합니다.

E-prescription and Payment for Medication

A service that shortens patients’ waiting time, cuts down hospitals’ 출력비용, and increases the turnover rate of parking space.

Service Overview

A service that provides e-prescription to patients via M-Care, requests to pay for medication/fill a prescription after the patient selects the pharmacy, and goes through biometrics authentication.

Key Features

  • Provides prescription information to patient’s 단말기, grants option to patients that clears any legal dispute factor.
  • At a comparative advantage on KIOSK’s e-prescription: Patient pays for medication and moves to pharmacy > decreases patient’s waiting time.
  • A decrease in patient’s occupancy time of parking space > Able to develop as 문전약국 drive-through service and in this case, expect to decrease the occupancy time of parking space dramatically

The Expected Effects upon Introduction

E-prescription & Payment for Medication service process

STEP 01. Choose a pharmacy

STEP 02. Confirm if Prescription is Forwarded Correctly

STEP 03. View Payment Amount and Make a Payment

STEP 04. Confirm Payment

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