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Smart Hospital Healthcare Platform

From making a visit to the hospital and receiving medication from pharmacy, conveniently takes care of the entire process.

Customized Service

  • Notification on upon arrival and reservation
  • Issuance of queue ticket
  • Guidance on medical treatment status
  • Indoor navigation
  • Smart payment
  • Parking management
  • Smart guide service

* patent

– Hospital Information System and Medical Guide Service
­   (number: 10-1155949)
– Electronic prescription delivery service
– Actual insurance claim service
(number: 10-2016-0132879)

Smart Service

  • Manage medical treatment history

  • Manage medical treatment result history

  • View/Reservation

  • Deliver/Print out the prescription, View prescription history

  • Inpatient care

  • Mobile Patient Identification Card

  • Hospital guide

  • Insurance claim
  • Pay for medication
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