We connect patients and medical institutions with
ICT technology to create smart healthcare ecosystems.

CEO’s Message

Steve Byeong-jin Hong

All around the world, including in Korea, increasing awareness and value of a healthy life is driving the qualitative and quantitative growth of the medical industry. As a result, the number of people seeking treatment and medical care is increasing. One patient may visit a medical institution as few as several times or as many as a few dozen times.

However, in terms of patient-centered ease of use, compared to the rapid pace of development of medical technology, patients are at a disadvantage. In particular, medium and large medical institutions are not able to resolve the constant complaints of patients such as long wait times, difficulties in making appointments, payment inconvenience, and confusion caused by issuing documents. And institutions are spending a lot of money in their attempt to solve such problems.

To address this situation, Lemon Healthcare aims to create a smart healthcare ecosystem: a platform where patients and medical institutions can connect more conveniently and smartly with our leading ICT technology

In our health care ecosystem, patient information is linked to the medical facility for more convenient treatment and management. Therefore, we are able to accompany you through the entire life cycle of your healthcare journey, allowing you to focus on what’s important: enjoying your health and happiness.

With rapid growth based on the evolution and improvement of the medical environment, Lemon Healthcare will become the “healthcare manager at your fingertips” that everyone wants.